About Lakes Region Pet Resort


About Harry

Hi, my name is Harry McClellan and I am the new owner of Lakes Region Pet Resort.

A bit of background on me is I grew up in Hollis, NH and I graduated from Merrimack College in 2020 with a Bachelors in Business Administration and I am in the process of remotely completing my masters in finance program at Villanova University.  I have always had a passion for animals and a love for my home state of New Hampshire and Lakes Region Pet Resort allows me to have the best of both worlds.

Growing up I had a black English Labrador Retriever named Atlas.  Atlas had arthritis from a young age so I have always been understanding of dogs with medical conditions or limitations.  In early 2019, I brought home my dachshund named Teddy after the sudden passing of my childhood four-legged friend, Atlas.  You will likely see Teddy running around the office with the small dog group.

About Martha

From an early age, Martha tried to surround herself with animals as much as possible. She spent her time volunteering at local shelters and rescues. Once in college at Franklin and Marshall College, Martha’s chronic illness progressed and her doctors recommended and supported her getting a service dog. Martha’s first service dog, Yoda, inspired her passion for dog training. He taught her to become a better handler and gave her the independence she needed. He taught her how to advocate for her dog and Yoda’s love for working allowed him to be ready to go everywhere and anywhere she needed him. 


Unfortunately, in March 2020 Yoda became ill and was soon diagnosed with lymphoma, and passed away peacefully in April 2020. Martha loves to find that passion for working with dogs. Whether their job is to restore an individual’s independence or compete in dog sports, or even just be a loving family member, Martha's goal is to help build the relationship between the dog and their handler. 


Today, Martha covers the New England region for a training organization based out of Baltimore, Maryland, Canine Matters Training, which assists individuals with disabilities in the process of training their service dogs. She is currently training Yoda’s successor Elvis (affectionately known as the Elf).


Martha has a specialty in early puppyhood development and socialization, and she hopes to build our puppy program to help owners navigate the process of finding a puppy, matching it to their needs, safely socializing them, and assist owners in the process of building a solid foundation for the puppy to grow into a confident adult dog. We will offer basic obedience, intermediate, all the way to advanced behaviors and troubleshooting any issues that may arise.


Why did we get into this business?

My partner Martha and I began our search for a pet resort in 2019. We wanted to find a way to combine our love for animals, Martha’s passion for dog training, and my interest in business. 


We both felt strongly that we wanted to wake up each day, to what we love which is working with animals.


What are our future plans for Lakes Region Pet Resort?

Our plan for the facility is to continue to offer the services like daycare, day boarding, boarding, and in-home boarding. However, we want to also expand the business and offer:

  • Dog training

  • In-home dog training

  • Puppy playgroup and training

  • Board and Trains


We also want to add services to boarding and daycare/day boarding such as:

  • Training during their stay with us

  • Nature walks

  • Training around the community


Due to COVID we cannot currently hold group classes, however, that is a goal for the future. We have considered offering everything from basic obedience to:

  • Monthly nail trim clinics

  • Desensitization to grooming class

  • “Winterizing” your pet - getting them accustomed to wearing a coat or boots to protect their paws from the salt


In addition to all these exciting new offerings, we are going to be partnering with some facilities around New Hampshire to give you all more options to continue to grow your bond with your pets.


How to Reach Us

As always, please feel free to stop by and allow us to introduce ourselves in-person. We’ve been so humbled by the warm welcome we have received. We thank you for trusting us with the care of your loved ones. 


The phone number and email for the office remain the same.


603.250.8001 and info@lakesregionpetresort.com