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Frequently Asked Questions!


What is the difference between DOGGIE DAY CARE and DAY BOARDING?

  • Our Day Care Program consists of dogs that come at least 2X per week for socialization and to burn off energy. It is a long term commitment from the owners so we are working with dogs that we get to know extremely well as we see the same dogs each week. We know which dogs play well together giving us an advantage from a safety point of view.

  • Day Boarding is set up for anyone needing a place for their dog to go for the day for whatever reason that may be. There is no long term commitment and no frequency required. Day Boarding dogs that are well socialized will have an opportunity to play with other Boarding dogs so they still get to play and burn off energy.​


Can I tour your facility?

  • YES!! We love to show off Lakes Region Pet Resort and encourage people to tour. Please call to schedule an appointment so that we can dedicate a staff member to show you the facility and answer questions that you may have. Unlike many Boarding establishments, we will show you the ENTIRE facility including both buildings that pets are housed, the in home boarding area, the indoor play room and the outdoor play yards.​

Lakes Region Pet Resort, LLC is a safe, clean and happy pet boarding facility in NH

What is a typical day like for a dog Overnight Boarding?

  • The first let out of the day is around 5-5:30 am. They go back to their room to eat and then back out for another bathroom break. We like to have the dogs wait about an hour after eating before going out to play because of a serious condition called Bloat. From approximately 8 am - 4 pm the dogs go out in the play yards on a rotating schedule. Well socialized dogs go out with dogs of a similar size and play style. Dogs that do not enjoy the company of other dogs go out with a staff member to play ball or just romp in the yard. When not outside, dogs are in their own private room resting between play sessions. Dogs that eat dinner are fed between 4 pm and 5 pm. All dogs go out after eating and depending on the time of year, another play session and last let out is between 8 pm and 9 pm. We are activity based so on average the dogs go out 6-8 times per day.


I have more than one dog, can they share a room?

  • Yes! We encourage clients with multiple dogs to have them share a room. It is usually comforting for the dogs and also less expensive as we do discount for dogs from the same family sharing a room. We have very large rooms in comparison to other facilities and have had upwards of 4 dogs board in some of our largest rooms.


Someone is always on the premises so can I pick my pet up at any time?

  • We are manned 24/7 but like any business we have hours of operation. These are posted outside the door of our main office. We often have people wanting to pick up their pets at a time that the office is closed and we cannot accommodate these requests. We offer VERY generous time spans to drop off and pick up pets every day of the week.


What do I need to bring for my pet for Overnight Boarding?

  • We make it easy…. food and medications (if any). That is all that we require. You are welcome to bring anything that you feel will make your pet’s stay more comfortable. That can include their bed, crate, a favorite durable toy (Kongs, Nylabones, antler…please no rawhides) or an article of clothing with your scent on it. For our Feline guests, a bed they enjoy or cat toys of any kind are fine to bring but again, not necessary. We provide beds/bowls/treats/toys and lots of personalized attention for all of our boarding guests.


If I make a reservation and send a deposit and have to cancel, do I get my deposit back?

  • Due to the large number of boarding calls we receive, advanced deposits are required to secure a reservation for 4 plus days, major holidays and winter and spring break. The deposit applies to any and all dates that you book. We are a small establishment, therefore cancellations affect us significantly, hence we are not able to refund deposits.


Why do I need to pay for an additional night if I pick up my pet after 12 noon?

  • Should you choose to pick up your pet after 12 noon we cannot guarantee the opportunity to clean that room and have it ready for another pet to occupy it for that night so that room cannot be booked for another pet until the next day.


What happens if I should decide to cut my trip short?

  • We book the exact days you give us for your pet to stay with us. You will be charged for all the days you requested even if you should choose to pick up your pet earlier than what you originally reserved.  Considerations will be made for emergencies.

These are just the most common questions we are asked.  Please call with any further information that you may need.


 We look forward to hearing from you!